June 10, 2023


The number one support for A Grateful Hearth is … you. That you read or click or subscribe or follow – your views and comments are what keep us going with this effort. For every 10 minutes of video, there are usually 2 or 3 times that in editing, production, upload, administration, and all the other things to produce this site and our social media.

“The number one support for A Grateful Hearth is … you. That you read or click or subscribe or follow…”

For companies or individuals interested to find ways to help support our family and our homestead learning journey, we look forward to interacting with you for years to come.

One of the most important things you can do to help us build this community is to share it – with friends, with family, or by using the “follow” or “share” functions on our social media content.


We are willing to work with advertisers to highlight the opportunities that can help homestead, farming, and family focused community.

If your brand or company is interested, reach out to advertising@agratefulhearth.com

We can provide indicative summary demographic information, as provided by our community channels, in conformance with our Privacy Policy.

Under no circumstances are we able or willing to provide the membership, mailing list, or contact information of any newsletter or community platform to a sponsor.

Sponsorship Policy

Our value to the community is dependent on our voice as a trustworthy and authentic family going about learning and experiencing the homestead life. Accordingly, we follow some key guidelines to help ensure that our readers are also protected when they consume our content and grow to trust the integrity of our family and our experience.

By keeping our core values of integrity in focus, we also can offer our best value to an advertiser’s brand. When we feature something or talk about it – even in a sponsored post or interactive content placement – our community can know we are sharing our real experience and genuine thoughts.

  • Posts or videos which feature sponsored content, services, or products will include a header which highlight the post is sponsored. This disclosure is required by US law and regulations listed by the Federal Trade Commission, anyway.
  • If we are sharing interactive content, such as a video on our YouTube channel we will mention when a product has been provided to us.
  • We will highlight provided products or services, but our content will be authentic and must reflect our actual views and experiences.
  • In a case where we cannot responsibly and authentically present a product or service in a positive light, we will return it to the sponsor and will not go forward with public content.
  • We will not lie or be intentionally disingenuous about our use, experience, or the quality of a product or service.

Creator Program

Our social channels may include future support for a program like Patreon.

The intent of participating in a creator program is to provide those that are interested a way to partner with our family – providing financial support for an opportunity to be a deeper part of this homestead community.

  • The creator program(s) are governed by the terms of service of that site or program (e.g. Patreon) rather than this website.
  • While we endeavor to provide regular community-only updates and valuable opportunities like early posting, bloopers, and private instruction, our family life and homestead obligations may not always provide those opportunities.


Paid services provided through this website are subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for how we use information and provide services on the site.

In the case that you encounter a problem with the services provided on this site, the A Grateful Hearth team can be contacted at help@agratefulhearth.com for assistance.

COPPA and Children

A Grateful Hearth does not market to children, nor do we target children with any content, offering, product, or service. Our family is committed to remain family friendly and uphold the ideals that we believe in as followers of Christ. This approach will naturally reduce adult thematic contents of violence, potential exposure to inappropriate subjects, tobacco and alcohol.

We do not knowingly collect the information of Children or permit them to participate in any support or advertising channel using their own identity. (We have committed to this as well in our Privacy Policy.)

While our content should remain suitable for a general audience, we will not intentionally include minors in our publishing efforts. Should your organization or family become concerned about any of our contents, please share those concerns at webmaster@agratefulhearth.com with a subject line of “COPPA”.