March 22, 2023


Today’s world is running at a faster and faster pace. Digital connectivity, television, streaming, social media all clamor for our attention. One day – our family realized that we were interested in bringing more of the natural homestead life into our lives.

Learning the homestead life in a digital world.

Living as a family and preparing for homestead living means learning as we go. Learning about animals and tools, projects, and family. Learning to balance time and adjust our approaches to cooking, shopping, and food storage.

Along the way – we seek to share our journey in the hopes that others may appreciate the lifestyle, and maybe learn with us along the way!

Lauren is wife and mother and has the blessing to be a stay-at-home homeschooling mom of 3. A former teacher, I like to knit and have been a musician all the way back to my early school years.

I love Jesus, and our family has the opportunity to experience more of what he has given us. Dirt and animals and maintenance and hard work. I have a passion for learning the kitchen, food storage, and animal care aspects of homesteading.

Wayne is a husband, father, career technologist, student of the Word of God, and learning to homestead all at the same time.

Nearly 20 years in the technology field have taken me around the world, but the real adventure is living at home every day with our kids, animals, and the crazy world we live in.

As we get deeper into the homestead lifestyle – I have plans for animal and garden projects, and a workshop to make them possible!